Van Allen Probe observations of drift-bounce resonances with Pc 4 pulsations and wave-particle interactions in the pre-midnight inner magnetosphere

Korotova, G. I.; Sibeck, D. G.; Tahakashi, K.; Dai, L.; Spence, H. E.; Kletzing, C. A.; Wygant, J. R.; Manweiler, J. W.; Moya, P. S.; Hwang, K. -J.; Redmon, R. J.


We present Van Allen Probe B observations of azimuthally limited, antisymmetric, poloidal Pc 4 electric and magnetic field pulsations in the pre-midnight sector of the magnetosphere from 05:40 to 06:00 UT on 1 May 2013. Oscillation periods were similar for the magnetic and electric fields and proton fluxes. The flux of energetic protons exhibited an energy-dependent response to the pulsations. Energetic proton variations were anticorrelated at medium and low energies. Although we attribute the pulsations to a drift-bounce resonance, we demonstrate that the energy-dependent response of the ion fluxes results from pulsation-associated velocities sweeping energy-dependent radial ion flux gradients back and forth past the spacecraft.

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