Juncus bufonius en new “inmigrant” to maritime Antarctic.

Cuba-Díaz Marely; Rondanelli-Reyes, Mauricio


Taxononomic and palynological analyses provide the basis and support for the opinion that a new exotic plant, the toad rush (Juncus bufonius L.), has established itself in Antarctica. The presence of a new and foreign taxon brings increased new interest to the discussion surrounding the means of propagation, colonization, and potential establishment of invasive species in the coastal regions of the Antarctic Peninsula. Such non-native organisms enjoy increasing opportunities as the near-shore ice is diminished from the way global warming affects this part of the planet. The toad rush discovery was made under a project called “Relationship between sucrose accumulation and SPS activity induced by cold in Colobanthus quitensis with the expression of sucrosephosphate synthase (SPS) isoforms: modulation according to daylight duration and quality of light, with differentiation is several natural populations,” financed by INACH.

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Título de la Revista: Ilaia Advances in Chilean Antarctic Science
Volumen: 1
Editorial: Instituto Antártico Chileno, Chile
Fecha de publicación: 2014
Página de inicio: 18
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Idioma: Inglés