2D Nanosheet based on Curcuminoid ligands

Iribarra, Joseline; Qian, Wenjie; Choquesillo-Lazarte, Duane; Giner-Planas, José; Aliaga-Alcalde, Nuria; Soler, Monica


Lots of current research show the recent interest in the study of 2D coordination polymer nanosheets, as a potential candidates for several applications, because to the unique properties such as ultrathin thickness and high surface area. The present work shows the isolation of 2D nanosheet material based on curcuminoid ligands and Zinc ions. Our group is specialized in the design and synthesis of curcuminoid derivatives, which are organic moleucles that have a central 7 atom conjugated chains with a central , β-diketone group and 2 terminal aromatic groups, which can be chosen to coordinate metal ions. Figure 1 shows the crystal structure of the 3-pyCCMZn(NO3), where each sheet of the 2D coordination polymer is shown in different colors, which have been tried to exfoliate from the crystal.

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Fecha de publicación: 2018
Año de Inicio/Término: January 2018
Notas: This work was presented by Joseline Iribarra, master student, as an Oral Presentation in the ''XXXIII Jornadas Chilenas de Química'' in Puerto Varas, Chile