RNA-Seq and metabolic flux analysis of Tetraselmis sp M8 during nitrogen starvation reveals a two-stage lipid accumulation mechanism

Lim, David K. Y.; Schuhmann, Holger; Thomas-Hall, Skye R.; Chan, Kenneth C. K.; Wass, Taylor J.; Aguilera, Felipe; Adarme-Vega, T. Catalina; Dal'Molin, Cristiana G. O.; Thorpe, Glen J.; Batley, Jacqueline; Edwards, David; Schenk, Peer M.


To map out key lipid-related pathways that lead to rapid triacylglyceride accumulation in oleaginous microalgae, RNA-Seq was performed with Tetraselmis sp. M8 at 24 h after exhaustion of exogenous nitrogen to reveal molecular changes during early stationary phase. Further gene expression profiling by quantitative real-time PCR at 16-72 h revealed a distinct shift in expression of the fatty acid/triacylglyceride biosynthesis and beta-oxidation pathways, when cells transitioned from log-phase into early-stationary and stationary phase. Metabolic reconstruction modeling combined with real-time PCR and RNA-Seq gene expression data indicates that the increased lipid accumulation is a result of a decrease in lipid catabolism during the early-stationary phase combined with increased metabolic fluxes in lipid biosynthesis during the stationary phase. During these two stages, Tetraselmis shifts from reduced lipid consumption to active lipid production. This process appears to be independent from DGAT expression, a key gene for lipid accumulation in microalgae. (C) 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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