Evaluation of the Enhanced Assumed Strain and Assumed Natural Strain in the SSH3D and RESS3 Solid Shell Elements for Single Point Incremental Forming Simulation

Guzman, Carlos Felipe; Ben Bettaieb, Amine; Velosa de Sena, Jose Ilidio; de Sousa, Ricardo Alves; Habraken, Anne Marie; Duchene, Laurent; Merklein, M; Hagenah, H


Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF) is a recent sheet forming process which can give a symmetrical or asymmetrical shape by using a small tool. Without the need of dies, the SPIF is capable to deal with rapid prototyping and small batch productions at low cost. Extensive research from both experimental and numerical sides has been carried out in the last years. Recent developments in the finite element simulations for sheet metal forming have allowed new modeling techniques, such as the Solid Shell elements, which combine the main features of shell hypothesis with a solid-brick element. In this article, two recently developed elements -SSH3D element [1, 2] and RESS3 element [3]- implemented in Lagamine (finite element code developed by the ArGEnCo department of the University of Liege) are explained and evaluated using the SPIF line test. To avoid locking problems, the well-known Enhanced Assumed Strain (EAS) and Assumed Natural Strain (ANS) techniques are used. The influence of the different EAS and ANS parameters are analysed comparing the predicted tool forces and the shape of a transversal cut, at the end of the process. The results show a strong influence of the EAS in the forces prediction, proving that a correct choice is fundamental for an accurate simulation of the SPIF using Solid Shell elements.

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