TrAC: Visualizing Students Academic Trajectories

Guerra, Julio; Henriquez, Valeria; Olivares-Rodriguez, Cristian; Chevreux, Henrique

Keywords: Curricula, Learning analytics, academic trajectories.


TrAC is a one-shot visualisation application designed to help program directors to create an informed opinion of the academic situation of students. TrAC overlays academic data on top of the (fixed) curricular structure that the programs in our University have, and includes features to track the evolution of the academic situation term by term. The design of TrAC actively involved program directors, and the software architecture was designed to facilitate deployment in a complex institution. An ongoing pilot study with directors of diverse programs shows how TrAC effectively helps not only to inspect the academic situation of students, but also allows to discover issues of the structure of the programs, and spot difficult courses and special situations.

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Fecha de publicación: 2019
Año de Inicio/Término: Octubre
Idioma: English