Mamíferos y estratigrafía del Neógeno de Uruguay.

Perea, Daniel, Ubilla, Martín, Rinderknecht, Andrés, Bostelmann, Enrique y Martínez, Sergio.

Keywords: Neógeno. Uruguay. Mamíferos. Estratigrafía. Mioceno Tardío. Plioceno–Pleistoceno.


MAMMALS AND STRATIGRAPHY FROM THE NEOGENE OF URUGUAY. Knowledge on the Uruguayan Neogene deposits is updated. These deposits are distributed along the southern coast of the country, and outcrop mainly in the departmentos of Colonia and San José. An updated list of the mammals is given including new records and some stratigraphic reallocations. The Camacho Formation, of clearly marine and marginal origins, is at least in part correlated with the Paraná Formation of Argentina, and contains important mastofaunistic representatives that are in common with the “Conglomerado osífero” of the Ituzaingó Formation and other beds of the Huayquerian Stage (Late Miocene). The Raigón Formation, of fluvial and in part marginal origins, overlies the former, and contains a mammal assemblage representing a wide temporal range, from Pliocene to middle Pleistocene. Both units represent a sequence beginning with the entrance of the “Mar Entrerriense”, its later retraction and associated phenomena: rivers, deltas, and origins of the estuary today named “Río de la Plata”.

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