Estimation of Spectral Emissivity and S/Cu Ratio From Emissions of Copper Concentrates at the Flash Smelting Process

Marin, Milton; Toro, Carlos; Arias, Luis; Balladares, E.


The project focused on the investigation of new sensing techniques in the copper production industry, specifically in the flash smelting of copper concentrate process. In this paper, we report a direct relationship between the visible and near-infrared emission spectra in the combustion of copper concentrates by changing some operating conditions such as the sulfur-copper and the oxygen ratios provided to the reaction zone. Spectral processing techniques are applied to the measured spectra. The first one aims to separate both continuous radiations mainly associated to incandescent particles and heating walls with discontinuous emissions associated with some emitting atoms and molecules. This goal was carried out using airPLS baseline estimation algorithm. The second processing technique aims to find the continuous emission only associated with the combustion of copper concentrate particles, eliminating the background spectra associated with the smelter walls. This goal was carried out by directly measuring walls emission at operating temperature and in the absence of flame. The most relevant results show that the estimation of the total radiation associated with each measured spectra is an intrinsic parameter of the process that can provide useful information to the operator that supervises the industrial process. It allows estimate quantitatively the sulfur-copper ratio in order to online monitor the mineral characteristics of the copper concentrate that is entering the process. On the other hand, the approach of a first prototype of the emissivity model for the copper concentrate particles, which validated with measurements, becomes a promising tool that will allow increasing the development of optoelectronic applications around this industry process.

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Título según WOS: Estimation of Spectral Emissivity and S/Cu Ratio From Emissions of Copper Concentrates at the Flash Smelting Process
Título según SCOPUS: Estimation of spectral emissivity and S/Cu ratio from emissions of copper concentrates at the flash smelting process
Título de la Revista: IEEE ACCESS
Volumen: 7
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Página de inicio: 103346
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Idioma: English