Silicon improves the production of high antioxidant or structural phenolic compounds in barley cultivars under aluminum stress

Vega, Isis Paloma; Nikolic, Miroslav; Pontigo, Sofia; Godoy, Karina; Mora, Maria de La Luz; Cartes, Paula

Keywords: barley, phenolic compounds, lignin, aluminum toxicity


Aluminum (Al) toxicity is one of the main growth and yield limiting factors for barley grown on acid soils. Silicon (Si) ameliorates Al toxicity as well as it promotes the phenolic compounds production that have antioxidant or structural role. We evaluated the time-dependent kinetics of Al and Si uptake and the impact of Si on the production of antioxidant- or structural- phenols in barley cultivars at the short-term. Two barley cultivars with contrasting Al tolerance (Hordeum vulgare ‘Sebastian’, Al tolerant; and H. vulgare ‘Scarlett’, Al sensitive), exposed to either −Al (0 mM) or +Al (0.2 mM) nutrient solutions without Si (−Si) or with 2 mM (+Si) were cultured for 48 h. Aluminum and Si concentration decreased in plants at all harvest times when Al and Si were simultaneously supplied; this effect was more noticeable in ‘Scarlett’. Nevertheless, Si influenced the antioxidant system of barley irrespective of the Al tolerance of the cultivar, decreasing oxidative damage and enhancing radical scavenging activity, the production of phenolic compounds, and lignin accumulation in barley with short-term exposure to Al.

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Título de la Revista: AGRONOMY
Volumen: 9
Fecha de publicación: 2019
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