Benchmark numerical simulations of rarefied non-reacting gas flows using an open-source DSMC code

Palharini, Rodrigo C.; White, Craig; Scanlon, Thomas J.; Brown, Richard E.; Borg, Matthew K.; Reese, Jason M.


Validation and verification represent an important element in the development of a computational code. The aim is establish both confidence in the algorithm and its suitability for the intended purpose. In this paper, a direct simulation Monte Carlo solver, called dsmcFoam, is carefully investigated for its ability to solve low and high speed non-reacting gas flows in simple and complex geometries. The test cases are: flow over sharp and truncated flat plates, the Mars Pathfinder probe, a micro-channel with heated internal steps, and a simple micro-channel. For all the cases investigated, dsmcFoam demonstrates very good agreement with experimental and numerical data available in the literature. (C) 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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