Mansardas solares por optimización paramétrica y fabricación digital para viviendas NZE

Alberto Nope Bernal, Rodrigo García Alvarado, Javier Guarachi Flores, Ricardo Arellano Carvajal

Keywords: Solar Energy, Timber Building, Housing, Genetic Algorithm, Building Integrated Solar Energy


In order to support the usual enlargement of houses in developing countries and proper integration of renewable sources, this paper exposes a parametric design of attic with insulated timber boards and integrated solar panels. The proposal is based on urban map of solar potential available on-line (, that for single houses suggest a solar attic customized to each dwelling shape and orientation, with industrialized timber construction elements. The calculation of optimal volume by house is developed with a multi-objective genetic algorithm (NSGA-II) and dynamic simulation, which provides different buildings alternatives with digital manufacturing

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Título de la Revista: Blucher Design Proceedings
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