A predictive maintenance procedure using pressure and acceleration signals from a centrifugal fan

Velarde-Suárez, Sandra; Ballesteros-Tajadura, Rafael; Hurtado-Cruz, Juan Pablo

Keywords: AeroacousticsCentrifugal fanPredictive maintenance


This work describes a predictive maintenance procedure with a particular application to the diagnosis of unexpected events related to fluid-dynamics operating conditions in turbomachinery. The application of the procedure to a centrifugal fan is presented. The work includes an experimental study of the fan spectral behavior, revealing the characteristic frequencies of the different phenomena involved. Afterwards, a code has been developed which monitors on-line signals to detect any undesired event by comparing the levels of selected frequencies with those that obtain in normal operating conditions.

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Título de la Revista: Applied Acoustics
Volumen: 67
Número: 1
Editorial: Elsevier Ltd.
Fecha de publicación: 2006
Página de inicio: 49
Página final: 61
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