Numerical Calculation of Pressure Fluctuations in the Volute of a Centrifugal Fan

Ballesteros-Tajadura, Rafael; Velarde-Suárez, Sandra; Hurtado-Cruz, Juan Pablo; Santolaria-Morros, Carlos


In this work, a numerical model has been applied in order to obtain the wall pressure fluctuations at the volute of an industrial centrifugal fan. The numerical results have been compared to experimental results obtained in the same machine. A three-dimensional numerical simulation of the complete unsteady flow on the whole impeller-volute configuration has been carried out using the computational fluid dynamics code FLUENT®. This code has been employed to calculate the time-dependent pressure both in the impeller and in the volute. In this way, the pressure fluctuations in some locations over the volute wall have been obtained. The power spectra of these fluctuations have been obtained, showing an important peak at the blade passing frequency. The amplitude of this peak presents the highest values near the volute tongue, but the spatial pattern over the volute extension is different depending on the operating conditions. A good agreement has been found between the numerical and the experimental results.

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Título de la Revista: Journal of Fluids Engineering
Volumen: 128
Número: 2
Editorial: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Fecha de publicación: 2006
Página de inicio: 359
Página final: 369
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