An experimental and theoretical study of the carbazole to carbazole intramolecular energy transfer in N-vinylcarbazole/vinyl tert-butyl-benzoate copolymers of different molar compositions

Fernandez-Pena, Natali; Carmona, Thais; Pilar Tarazona, M.; Saiz, Enrique; Mendicuti, Francisco


Fluorescence depolarization and quenching measurements of N-vinyl carbazole/vinyl tert-butyl-benzoate copolymers in dilute solution of several fluid solvents and in a rigid poly(methyl methacrylate) matrix were performed to study the effect of copolymer composition on the intramolecular energy transfer (IET) between carbazole groups (Cz) along the polymer chain. IET efficiency, as the amount of Cz-Cz intramolecular excimer formation, monotonically increases with Cz content up to a number average sequence length of carbazole of ca 12 (Cz molar content >= 90%). After this value, IET efficiency remains almost constant. Molecular dynamics simulations on isotactic and syndiotactic copolymer fragments of several monomer compositions were used for obtaining different parameters related to the efficiency for the IET process between Cz units along the polymer chain. (C) 2011 Society of Chemical Industry

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Fecha de publicación: 2011
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