Influence of Cryoconcentration on Quality Attributes of Apple Juice (Malus Domestica cv. Red Fuji)

Orellana-Palma P.; Lazo-Mercado V.; Gianelli M.P.; Hernández E.; Zúñiga R.N.; Petzold G.


Apple juice was subjected to centrifugal block cryoconcentration (CBCC) for three cycles and their effect on the physicochemical properties, bioactive compounds, antioxidant activity, volatile profile, and sensory analysis was investigated. In the final cycle, the solutes were approximately four-fold of the initial condition (approximate to 14 degrees Brix) and the color (Delta E* approximate to 25.0) was darker than the fresh juice, with bioactive compound concentration values close to 819 mg GAE/100 g d.m., 248 and 345 mg CEQ/100 g d.m. for total polyphenol, flavonoid, and flavanol content, respectively, equivalent to a retention of over 60%. DPPH and FRAP assays presented high antioxidant activities, with values of approximately 1803 mu mol TE/100 g d.m. and 2936 mu mol TE/100 g d.m, respectively. The cryoconcentrate showed a similar aromatic profile to the fresh juice, with 29 and 28 volatile compounds identified, respectively. The centrifugal force allowed to obtain excellent process parameters, with 73%, 0.87 (kg/kg), and 85% for efficiency, solute yield, and percentage of concentrate, respectively. Sensory evaluation shows that the odor, aroma, and flavor of fresh sample were remained in the reconstituted cryoconcentrate sample, with good qualifications (four points in a five-score hedonic scale) by trained panelists. Therefore, CBCC can preserve important quality attributes from apple juice.

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Título según WOS: Influence of Cryoconcentration on Quality Attributes of Apple Juice (Malus Domestica cv. Red Fuji)
Título según SCOPUS: Influence of cryoconcentration on quality attributes of apple juice (Malus Domestica cv. Red Fuji)
Título de la Revista: APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
Volumen: 10
Número: 3
Editorial: MDPI
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Idioma: English