Antibiotic Materials in Healthcare 1st Edition

Kokkarachedu, Varaprasad; Vimala Kanikireddy; Rotimi Sadiku


Description Antibiotic Materials in Healthcare provides significant information on antibiotic related issues, accurate solutions, and recent investigative information for health-related applications. In addition, the book addresses the design and development of antibiotics with advanced (physical, chemical and biological) properties, an analysis of materials, in vivo and in vitro applications, and their biomedical applications for healthcare. Key Features Provides information on all aspects of antibiotic related issues Offers a balanced synthesis of basic and clinical science for each individual case, presenting clinical courses and detailed microbiological information for each infection Describes the prevalence and incidence of global issues and current therapeutic approaches Readership Researchers and postgraduate students in applied microbiology, medicine, material and polymer science, nanotechnology and biomedicine

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Editorial: Elsevier
Fecha de publicación: 2020