Chromosome Counts in Aegla expansa Jara, 1992 (Anomura, Aeglidae) A Freshwater Crab From Southern Chile

Jara P.; A. Muñoz-Pedreros; Norambuena, HV; C Jara; González-Urrutia, M; Marcela Guerrero

Keywords: Chromosome number, Crustacea, Decapoda, Aegla expansa


The freshwater crab Aegla expansa Jara, 1992 (Aeglidae) is endemic to Chile and has a geographical distribution restricted to one stream in the locality of Hualqui (37°S), Concepción Province, Chile. A chromosome number 2n = 154 is here described for somatic cells of A. expansa. The chromosomes are large in number and small in size (<2 μm). These cytogenetic data are the first reported for a species of the genus Aegla.

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