Metástasis Cutáneas en Cáncer de Ovario

BENEDETTO E, JUANA; Ivankovic, Vania; Arab E, Clemente; Peñaloza, Paulina; Falcón B, Cristian; Aguilera, Bárbara; Celis, Miguel

Keywords: ovarian carcinoma, skin metastases, cutaneous abdominal nodule


Ovarian carcinoma is the second most common gynecologic neoplasm, but it is still the main cause of death among the gynecologic tumors in women. Distant metastases are found in 18% of the patients with ovarian carcinoma. Skin metastases of ovarian carcinoma are very rare. It has been reported in almost 4% and in some cases as the first manifestation of the disease. Skin metastases have been described as a late manifestation during the natural history of the disease, reporting an average of 4 month survival after the finding of skin lesions. In this paper a case of a patient with this type of metastatic dissemination on skin is reported, including a bibliographic review of the literature.

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