Reparación Laparoscópica de Fístula Vesicovaginal mediante técnica retrovesical: Una serie de 6 pacientes.

Kerkebe L, Marcelo; Bley V, Enrique; Pizzi L, Pablo; Falcón B, Cristian; Iturriaga V, Carlos; Candia G, Walter; Heredia M, Fernando

Keywords: laparoscopy, vesicovaginal fistula, reconstructive surgery.


Background: Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) is a fairly common condition in underdeveloped countries affecting mainly young women. Its most prevalent cause is prior hysterectomy. Surgical techniques for repairing VVF have widespread results. Objective: To present our results with a retrovesical laparoscopical repair of VVF in a 6 consecutive patient case series. Method: It is a descriptive prospective analysis of 6 consecutive patients with a retrovesical laparoscopical repair of supratrigonal VVF after hysterectomy. Results: Average surgical time was 191 minutes. No blood transfusion was required. Average hospital stay was 2.5 days. None of them had postoperatory complications nor relapse whatsoever, after a minimum of 15 months follow-up. Conclusion: Retrovesical laparoscopic repair of VVF is a feasible, simple, reproducible and less invasive technique. In trained hands it is the election technique for this condition. To the best of our knowledge this is the first publication of laparoscopic management for VVF in Chile.

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