Separation Anxiety, Social Phobia and Generalized Anxiety Disorders in the Chilean Epidemiological Study of Children and Adolescents

de la Barra, Flora; Vicente, Benjamin; Saldivia, Sandra; Melipillán, Roberto

Keywords: epidemiology, prevalence studies, Anxiety disorders in children


The prevalence, correlates, comorbidity and service use of three anxiety disorders in a broad sample of Chilean children and adolescents is reported in this study. The disorders studied were Separation anxiety (SAD), Generalized anxiety (GAD) and Social anxiety. Data were obtained from an extensive epidemiological study of psychiatric disorders in the community. DSM-IV diagnoses were assessed by means of the DISC-IV interview, demographic and family variables through the family assessment device and family history screen instrument, as well as the services 4.8%, for social phobia, 3.7%, for generalized anxiety 3.2%, and 8.3% for any of the three disorders. Associated risk variables were as follows: low family income, family psychopathology, living with only one parent, maltreatment and death of a relative. A positive evaluation of family functioning was a protective factor against disorders. A high degree of comorbidity between the three anxiety disorders and with other groups of disorders was observed. The services were used by 22.3% of the children and adolescents diagnosed with any of the three anxiety disorders and within them, school based services were the most used. Findings are discussed and compared with other studies.

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Título de la Revista: Journal Child and Adolescent Behaviour
Volumen: 2
Fecha de publicación: 2014
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