Different hydrocolloids as bread improvers and antistaling agents

Guarda A.; Rosell, CM; Benedito, C; Galotto, MJ


Supplementation of several hydrocolloids with different chemical structure and from diverse origin to the breadmaking process is presented. The effect of hydrocolloids (sodium alginate, xanthan, ?-carrageenan and hydroxypropylmethycellulose) on fresh bread quality and its influence on bread staling were studied. Physical properties (moisture, hardness, volume) and sensory properties of fresh bread and after storage of 24 h were analysed. Hydrocolloids affected in different extent to the fresh bread quality, and concentrations of 0.1% (w/w, flour basis) were sufficient for obtaining the observed effects. Although different improvements were observed associated to specific hydrocolloid, HPMC was the hydrocolloid with an improvement effect on all the parameters tested, specific volume index, width/height ratio, and crumb hardness; in addition good sensory properties for visual appearance, aroma, flavour, crunchiness and overall acceptability was obtained. All hydrocolloids were also able to reduce the loss of moisture content during bread storage, reducing the dehydration rate of crumb. In addition, during storage, alginate and HPMC showed an anti-staling effect, retarding the crumb hardening. © 2003 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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