On the different roles of AT(1) and AT(2) receptors in stretch-induced changes of connexin43 expression and localisation

Salameh, Aida; Apel, Daniel; Casanova, Jorge Gonzalez; von Salisch, Sandy; Mohr, Friedrich-Wilhelm; Daehnert, Ingo; Dhein, Stefan


Cyclic mechanical stretch (CMS) and angiotensin II (ATII) play an important role in cardiac remodelling. Thus, we aimed to examine how ATII affects CMS-induced changes in localisation and expression of the gap junction protein connexin43 (Cx43). Neonatal rat cardiomyocytes cultured on gelatin-coated Flexcell cell culture plates were kept static or were exposed to CMS (110 % of resting length, 1 Hz) for 24 h with or without additional ATII (0.1 mu mol/L). Moreover, inhibitors of ATII receptors (AT-R) were used (for AT(1)-R: losartan 0.1 mu mol/L, for AT(2)-R: PD123177 0.1 mu mol/L). Thereafter, the cardiomyocytes were investigated by immunohistology, PCR and Western blot. After 24 h of CMS, cardiomyocytes were significantly elongated and orientated 75 +/- 1.6A degrees nearly perpendicular to the stretch axis. Furthermore, CMS significantly accentuated Cx43 at the cell poles (ratio Cx43 polar/lateral static: 2.32 A +/- 0.17; CMS: 10.08 A +/- 3.2). Additional ATII application significantly reduced Cx43 polarisation (ratio Cx43 polar/lateral ATII: 4.61 A +/- 0.42). The combined administration of ATII and losartan to CMS further reduced Cx43 polarisation to control levels, whilst the AT(2)-R blocker PD123177 restored polarisation. Moreover, CMS and ATII application resulted in a significant Cx43 protein and Cx43 mRNA up-regulation which could be blocked by losartan but not by PD123177. Thus, CMS results in a self-organisation of the cardiomyocytes leading to elongated cells orientated transversely towards the stretch axis with enhanced Cx43 expression and Cx43 accentuation at the cell poles. ATII enhances total Cx43 mRNA and protein expression probably via AT(1)-R (=inhibitory effect of losartan) and reduces Cx43 polarisation presumably via AT(2)-R, since PD123177 (but not losartan) inhibited the negative effects of ATII on polarisation.

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