Microbial Remediation for Wastewater Treatment

Singh, Satyender; Singh, Simranjeet; Kumar, Vijay; Datta, Shivika; Romero, Romina; Singh, Joginder; Pankaj Kumar Arora

Keywords: Microbial Remediation, Wastewater Treatment


Discharging of industrial effluents directly into water bodies is a global concern for aquatic and terrestrial biota. Various methods like physical and chemical have been implemented so far, but these existing technologies are sometimes restricted of either technical or economic constraints or are expensive and unsustainable approaches. Bioremediation offers a promising means to reclaim such contaminated water bodies in an economical and ecofriendly way. It is an emerging technology and uses living organisms to manage or remediate polluted soils or wastewater. It is defined as the elimination, attenuation, or transformation of polluting or contaminating substances by the use of biological processes. In this book chapter, we will review the potent role of bacterial species to confer remediation of various pollutants in wastewater. Efforts have been made to summarize the new aspects of bioremediation in mitigating the effects of various hazardous contaminants from wastewater and their limitations.

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Fecha de publicación: 2020
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