Describing Genomic and Epigenomic Traits Underpinning Emerging Fungal Pathogens

Farrer, Rhys A.; Fisher, Matthew C.; Townsend, JP; Wang, Z


An unprecedented number of pathogenic fungi are emerging and causing disease in animals and plants, putting the resilience of wild and managed ecosystems in jeopardy. While the past decades have seen an increase in the number of pathogenic fungi, they have also seen the birth of new big data technologies and analytical approaches to tackle these emerging pathogens. We review how the linked fields of genomics and epigenomics are transforming our ability to address the challenge of emerging fungal pathogens. We explore the methodologies and bioinformatic toolkits that currently exist to rapidly analyze the genomes of unknown fungi, then discuss how these data can be used to address key questions that shed light on their epidemiology. We show how genomic approaches are leading a revolution into our understanding of emerging fungal diseases and speculate on future approaches that will transform our ability to tackle this increasingly important class of emerging pathogens.

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Fecha de publicación: 2017
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