Bioclimatic Prosthesis: Experimental dataset for a low-cost Trombe wall to existing social housing refurbishment for an intermediate valley (Chillán) city in the south of Chile

Agurto, Leonardo; Allacker, Karen; Fissore, Adelqui; Agurto, Cristóbal; De Troyer, Frank; Rebolledo, Boris


This dataset is part of the article entitled “Design and exper- imental study of a low-cost prefab Trombe Wall to improve indoor temperatures in social housing in the Biobío Region in Chile” [1,2] . The dataset represents the outcome of exper- imental measurements during a 1-year monitoring campaign to assess the performance of an adaptable and low-cost pre- fabricated Trombe Wall (TW) with a vertical water storage system. The experiments include periods with mobile insula- tion during winter nights and external shading during sum- mer which were added to test their effect on the thermal performance. Temperature sensors were used to measure and compare the temperature in two test cells: one with and one with- out the TW. Following the National Chilean Standard [3] , the experiment was done in the interior valley (Chillan), a Mediterranean climate (Csb), according to the Köppen climate classification [4] .

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