Entomopathogenic Fungi

Barra-Bucarei, L.,; France, Rene A.; Pino, Carlos; Brigida Souza; Vasquez, Luis; Rosangela Marucci

Keywords: Biological control Mycoinsecticides Beauveria bassiana Metarhizium anisopliae


This chapter presents entomopathogenic fungi as a biological tool for sustainable pest control in a growing demand for healthier agricultural products. These fungi have a high potential as agents of biological control of arthropods, since they play an important role in the regulation of their populations. Also, due to their nutritional requirements and their reproductive characteristics, they are easy to be mass produced and formulated to be applied in agricultural crops. In addition, this chapter presents in detail the mechanism of action of entomopathogenic fungi, the physiological and ecological characteristics for which they have advantages in the management of pests, and the guidance to obtain the most benefits in the control of pests. Finally, some examples of successful use in South America are presented, particularly in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

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Fecha de publicación: 2019
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