Chemical and in situ characterization of macromolecular components of the cell walls from the green seaweed Codium fragile

Estevez, Jose Manuel; Fernandez, Paula Virginia; Kasulin, Luciana; Dupree, Paul; Ciancia, Marina


A comprehensive analysis of the carbohydrate-containing macromolecules from the coencocytic green seaweed Codium fragile and their arrangement in the cell wall was carried out. Cell walls in this seaweed are highly complex structures composed of 31% (w/w) of linear (1 -> 4)-beta-d-mannans, 9% (w/w) of pyruvylated arabinogalactan sulfates (pAGS), and low amounts of hydroxyproline rich-glycoprotein epitopes (HRGP). In situ chemical imaging by synchrotron radiation Fourier transform infrared (SR-FTIR) microspectroscopy and by immunolabeling using antibodies against specific cell wall carbohydrate epitopes revealed that beta-d-mannans and pAGS are placed in the middle part of the cell wall, whereas HRGP epitopes (arabinogalactan proteins (AGPs) and extensins) are located on the wall boundaries, especially in the utricle apical zone. pAGS are sulfated at C-2 and/or C-4 of the 3-linked beta-l-arabinopyranose units and at C-4 and/or C-6 of the 3-linked beta-d-galactopyranose residues. In addition, high levels of ketals of pyruvic acid were found mainly at 3,4- of some terminal beta-d-Galp units forming a five-membered ring. Ramification was found at some C-6 of the 3-linked beta-d-Galp units. In agreement with the immunolabeled AGP epitopes, a nonsulfated branched furanosidic arabinan with 5-linked alpha-l-Araf, 3,5-linked alpha-l-Araf, and terminal alpha-l-Araf units and a nonsulfated galactan structure composed of 3-(3,6)-linked beta-d-Galp residues, both typical of type-II AG glycans were found, suggesting that AGP structures are present at low levels in the cell walls of this seaweed. Based on this study, it is starting to emerge that Codium has developed unique cell wall architecture, when compared, not only with that of vascular plants, but also with other related green seaweeds and algae.

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