Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders: profile of a cohort according to the 2015 diagnostic criteria

Uribe-San Martin, Reinaldo; Ciampi, Ethel; Galilea, Antonia; Sandoval, Patricio; Miranda, Hector; Mellado, Patricio; Pablo Cruz, Juan; Huete, Isidro; carcamo, claudia


Introduction. The new 2015 criteria for neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders (NMOSD) have been recently incorporated in the study of different international cohorts. Aim. To describe clinical-radiological characteristics and prognostic factors in patients with NMOSD according to the 2015 criteria. Patients and methods. Retrospective analysis of 36 patients diagnosed with NMOSD according to serologic AQP4 status (positive, negative, unknown and negative + unknown). Clinical and radiological characteristics were compared and possible disability prognostic factors were evaluated. Results. AQP4 were positive in 7 patients, negative in 12 and unknown in 17. Age of presentation was 36.6 +/- 16 years, with higher female proportion (4: 1). Mean disease duration was 7.4 +/- 7.6 years. Most frequent presenting symptoms were acute myelitis (61%), optic neuritis (33%) and area postrema syndrome (11%). Most frequent MRI lesion was longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis (75%). All patients received acute treatment during attacks, and preventive treatment was used in 81% (azathioprine and rituximab mostly prescribed). Median EDSS was 2.0 at the end of follow-up. No differences were observed in any of the variables comparing serologic status. Age of first attack was prognostic, with direct correlation with EDSS. First attack in 30 years was protective, meanwhile > 50 years old patients had increased risk of disability. Conclusions. The 2015 criteria allow the description and classification of NMOSD patients within different cohorts. Age of first attack seems to be a prognostic factor for developing disability.

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