Kainic acid-induced apoptosis in cerebellar granule neurons: an attempt at cell cycle re-entry

Verdaguer, E; Garcia-Jorda, E; Canudas, AM; Dominguez, E; Jimenez, A; Pubill, D; Escubedo, E; Pallas, JCM; Camins, A


This study was undertaken to investigate whether kainic acid (KA) may regulate the expression of several proteins which plays an important role in cell-cycle progression in cerebellar granule neurons (CGNs). KA induced decrease in MTT values in a concentration dependent way. Flow cytometric analysis showed that KA was able to induce 30% apoptosis in CGNs. Apoptotic nuclear condensation were detected 24h of exposure to KA (200 muM). An associated marked increase in DNA synthesis, measured by BrdU incorporation, was observed. Western blot analysis showed that KA induced an increase in the expression of Cdk2, cyclin E and E2F-I. It is proposed that, in post-mitotic cells like CGNs, re-entry cell cycle could be responsible for the apoptotic effect of KA.

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