Stunted Growth. Proceedings of the 23rd Aschauer Soiree, Held at Aschauhof, Germany, November 7th 2015

Hermanussen, M; Ipsen, J; Mumm, R; Assmann, C; Quitmann, J; Gomula, A; Lehmann, A; Jasch, I; Tassenaar, V; Bogin, B; Satake, T; Scheffler, C; Núñez, J.; Godina, E; Hardeland, R; et. al.

Keywords: Adolescent growth, Peer group, Growth hormone, Community effect, Body height


Twenty-four scientists met at Aschauhof, Altenhof, Germany, to discuss the associations between child growth and development, and nutrition, health, environment and psychology. Meta-analyses of body height, height variability and household inequality, in historic and modern growth studies published since 1794, highlighting the enormously flexible patterns of child and adolescent height and weight increments throughout history which do not only depend on genetics, prenatal development, nutrition, health, and economic circumstances, but reflect social interactions. A Quality of Life in Short Stature Youth Questionnaire was presented to cross-culturally assess health-related quality of life in children. Changes of child body proportions in recent history, the relation between height and longevity in historic Dutch samples and also measures of body height in skeletal remains belonged to the topics of this meeting. Bayesian approaches and Monte Carlo simulations offer new statistical tools for the study of human growth.

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