Photon spectra from WIMP annihilation

Cembranos, J. A. R.; de la Cruz-Dombriz, A.; Dobado, A.; Lineros, R. A.; Maroto, A. L.


If the present dark matter in the Universe annihilates into standard model particles, it must contribute to the fluxes of cosmic rays that are detected on the Earth and, in particular, to the observed gamma-ray fluxes. The magnitude of such a contribution depends on the particular dark matter candidate, but certain features of the produced photon spectra may be analyzed in a rather model-independent fashion. In this work we provide the complete photon spectra coming from WIMP annihilation into standard model particle-antiparticle pairs obtained by extensive Monte Carlo simulations. We present results for each individual annihilation channel and provide analytical fitting formulas for the different spectra for a wide range of WIMP masses.

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Título de la Revista: PHYSICAL REVIEW D
Volumen: 83
Número: 8
Fecha de publicación: 2011


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