Connecting neutrino physics with dark matter

Lattanzi, Massimiliano; Lineros, Roberto A.; Taoso, Marco


The origin of neutrino masses and the nature of dark matter are two in most pressing open questions in modern astro-particle physics. We consider here the possibility that these two problems are related, and review some theoretical scenarios which offer common solutions. A simple possibility is that the dark matter particle emerges in minimal realizations of the seesaw mechanism, as in the majoron and sterile neutrino scenarios. We present the theoretical motivation for both models and discuss their phenomenology, confronting the predictions of these scenarios with cosmological and astrophysical observations. Finally, we discuss the possibility that the stability of dark matter originates from a flavor symmetry of the leptonic sector. We review a proposal based on an A(4) flavor symmetry.

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Título de la Revista: NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS
Volumen: 16
Fecha de publicación: 2014


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