U(1)(B3-3L2) gauge symmetry as a simple description of b -> s anomalies

Bonilla, Cesar; Modak, Tanmoy; Srivastava, Rahul; Valle, Jose W. F.


We present a simple U(1)(B3-3L2) gauge standard model extension that can easily account for the anomalies in R(K) and R(K*) reported by LHCb. The model is economical in its setup and particle content. Among the standard model fermions, only the third generation quark family and the second generation leptons transform nontrivially under the new U(1)(B3-3L2) symmetry. This leads to lepton nonuniversality and flavor changing neutral currents involving the second and third quark families. We discuss the relevant experimental constraints and some implications.

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Volumen: 98
Número: 9
Fecha de publicación: 2018


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