Pilauco: A Late Pleistocene Archaeo-paleontological Site

Pino, Mario; Astorga, Giselle A.

Keywords: archaeology, pleistocene, paleontology, geology, pilauco, asteroid, turism


The findings published on this book span eleven years of active field research investigations at the Pilauco site and the first results of the neighboring site Los Notros. However, most of the archaeological and paleontological findings presented in this volume have been obtained from Pilauco, because the site Los Notros is yet at an early stage of stratigraphic definition. In spite of the different stages of research development, Los Notros is a promising paleontological research site and has already provided the oldest and youngest fossil remains of the Pilauco–Los Notros Complex. This book describes and discusses the main results obtained by each of the specialists who have worked at the Pilauco and Los Notros sites. It also discusses some aspects that escape in part the scientific knowledge of the sites.

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