Proposition of a method based on mind maps to study changes in users' perceptions during an IS/IT adoption process

Cataldo, Alejandro; Candia, Carla; Campos, Cynthia; Ramirez, Juan Pablo; Valenzuela, Sara; Hernández Sergio

Keywords: mind maps, adoption process, Conceptual Maps, UTAUT, IS/IT adoption, Technologicalacceptance


Although knowledge about IS/IT adoption is very broad, it is fragmented, and we still do not understand well how users move dynamically from one stage to another during the adoption process, that is, from when a user knows a new technology until, if the process is successful, she/he incorporates it into her/his routine. One of the causes of this theoretical limitation relates to the lack of methodologies that help researchers analyze longitudinally collected data and distinguish changes that occur over time as participants experience the implementation of the new system. In this article, we present a method based on mind maps that allows researchers to graphically synthesize the mental processes experienced by individuals as they adopt a new system. The method allows comparing and measuring changes among mental models of an individual in different stages of the adoption. Findings show that this method better reflects user perceptions than others based on surveys and technical processing of textual data. Using mind maps is a novel contribution to researching and understanding technology adoption in a holistic way and with methods that include time as a contextual variable in the adoption process.

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