Activity and selectivity control by niobium for the preferential oxidation of co on pt supported catalysts

Guerrero, S.; Miller, Jt; Wolf, E. E.


The promotional effect of Nb on Pt supported on alumina or on niobia, was studied for the preferential oxidation of CO (PROX) in hydrogen. The results show a unique effect of Nb as a promoter to Pt. At low Nb loadings on Pt/alumina, the CO oxidation activity and selectivity are significantly increased. The CO selectivity is 100% at conversions up to about 60%. For Pt supported on Nb2O5, however, the CO oxidation activity is strongly suppressed with low CO conversion but high H-2 oxidation activity. Pt on niobia, therefore, is poorly selective for the PROX reaction, but is an active hydrogen oxidation catalyst, resistant to CO poisoning. For Pt supported on highly loaded Nb-alumina or Nb2O5, XPS indicate an increase in the Pt and Nb oxidation states. These surface changes also correlate with changes in the DRIFTS spectra suggesting that CO is more weakly adsorbed on Pt/Nb2O5 compared to Pt/Al2O3, or Pt/Nb-Al2O3. (c) 2007 Published by Elsevier B.V.

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