Preserved Meat Supplies or Slaughterhouse Waste Disposal? Zooarchaeology of the Valparaiso Fiscal Mole, Chile.

Cartajena, M. I.; Carabias D.; Barrera, A.C.; Simonetti, R.; Morales, C.; Keith, M.; Evans, A.


This paper discusses the zooarchaeological evidence of S3-4 PV, an extensive submerged wharf site located contiguous to the remains of the Fiscal Mole in the port of Valparaiso on the central Chilean coast (32°S). This facility was used by the many line steamers from ca.1884 to 1925. Through underwater archaeology excavations, numerous animal bones were recovered. The data obtained from the zooarchaeological analyses, their comparison with other assemblages recovered near the site, and documentary evidence suggest that the sample represents primarily on-land consumption refuse. We aim to stimulate further discussion on site formation processes of bone assemblages in harbors.

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