SiO and CH3CCH abundances and dust emission in high-mass star-forming cores

Miettinen, O.; Harju, J.; Haikala, L. K.; Pomren, C.


Aims. We determine the fractional SiO abundance in high-mass star-forming cores, and investigate its dependence on physical conditions, to provide constraints on the chemistry models of the formation of SiO in the gas phase or via grain mantle evaporation. The work addresses also CH3CCH chemistry, as the kinetic temperature is determined using this molecule. Methods. We estimate the physical conditions of 15 high-mass star-forming cores and derive the fractional SiO and CH3CCH abundances using spectral line and dust continuum observations with the SEST. Results. The kinetic temperatures as derived from CH3CCH range from 25 to 39 K, the average being 33 K. The average gas density in the cores is 4.5 x 10(6) cm(-3). The SiO emission regions are extended and typically half of the integrated line emission comes from the velocity range traced out by CH3CCH emission. The upper limit of SiO abundance in this "quiescent" gas component is similar to 10(-10). The average CH3CCH abundance is about 7 x 10(-9). It shows a shallow, positive correlation with the temperature, whereas SiO shows the opposite tendency. Conclusions. We suggest that the high CH3CCH abundance and its possible increase when the clouds become warmer is related to the intensified desorption of the chemical precursors of the molecule from grain surfaces. In contrast, the observed tendency of SiO does not support the idea that the evaporation of Si-containing species from the grain mantles would be important, and it contradicts models where neutral reactions with activation barriers dominate SiO production. A possible explanation for the decrease is that warmer cores represent more evolved stages of core evolution with fewer high-velocity shocks and thus less efficient SiO replenishment.

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