Time-resolved imaging of magnetization dynamics in double nanocontact spin torque vortex oscillator devices

Burgos-Parra, Erick; Keatley, Paul S.; Sani, Sohrab; Durrenfeld, Phillip; Akerman, Johan; Hicken, Robert J.


Double nanocontact (NC) spin transfer vortex oscillator devices, in which NCs of 100-nm diameter have center-to-center separation ranging from 200 to 1100 nm, have been studied by means of electrical measurements and time-resolved scanning Kerr microscopy (TRSKM). The NCs were positioned close to the edge of the top electrical contact so that the magnetization dynamics of the adjacent region could be probed optically. The electrical measurements showed different ranges of frequency operation for devices with different NC separations. For 900-nm NC separation, TRSKM showed magnetic contrast consistent with the formation of a magnetic vortex at each NC, while for 200-nm NC separation a lack of magnetic contrast near the NC region suggests that the magnetization dynamics occur closer to the NC and underneath the top contact. TRSKM also reveals the presence of additional localized dynamical features far from the NCs, which are not seen by electrical measurements; has not been reported previously for double NCs with different separations; and provides insight into how the dynamic state of the phase-locked oscillators is established and stabilized.

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Volumen: 100
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Fecha de publicación: 2019


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