Time-resolved imaging investigation of the domain walls dynamics in Landau domain pattern

Bukin. N, Burgos; Burgos-Parra, E. O.; McKeever, C. J.; Keatley, P. S.; Hicken, R. J.; Kruglyak, V. V.; Fripp, K.; Beautier, G.; Jaouen, N.; Popescu, H.; Yakhou, F.; Cavill, S. A.; Dupraz, M.; van der Laan, G.; Ogrin, F.

Keywords: magnetic resonance imaging, magnetization, delays, magnetic domain walls, magnetic domains, Magnetic cores


The magnetisation dynamics of the vortex core and Landau pattern of magnetic thin-film elements has been studied using holography with extended reference autocorrelation by linear differential operator (HERALDO) [1-2].

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