Model predictive control of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator with an Indirect Matrix Converter

Rivera M.; Elizondo J.L.; MacIas M.E.; Probst O M; Micheloud O.M.; Rodriguez J.; Rojas C.; Wilson A.

Keywords: model predictive control (mpc), indirect matrix converter (imc), doubly fed induction generator (dfig)


A simple and intuitive Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) predictive rotor current control scheme is presented. Predictive control of an Indirect Matrix Converter (IMC) is combined with predictive rotor current control of a DFIG to achieve a very good dynamic response as the rotor currents smoothly follow the applied reference in a ±30% range of the generator nominal rpm. Simulation results are presented for constant torque and rotational speed, as well as for variable rotational speed corresponding to a 10 kW generator dynamic response. Derivation and conjunction of each model equations are also presented along with a delay error compensation strategy to counter the practical implementation issue implicit in discrete time control computation.

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