Electrochemical Study of the Protective Properties of an Organic Acid Sealing of Anodized Aeronautical Alloy 2024-T3

Vejar, Nelson; Rojas, Javier ;Pineda, Fabiola; Solís, Roberto y Alvarado, Claudia

Keywords: corrosion protection, aluminum alloys 2024, Electrochemistry Impedance Spectroscopy


The influences in the corrosion protection of an organic acid sealant on anodized aluminum alloys 2024- T3 were studied. The anodic films were obtained in sulfuric acid and sealed by immersion method in molten organic acids of dodecanoic acid. Passivation and pitting behaviors resulting from the sealing treatments were studied using the Electrochemistry Impedance Spectroscopy and Lineal Sweep Voltammetry, and surface morphology was examined by optical microscopy. The results were compared with sealing in boiling water. The sealed films provide relatively higher corrosion resistance in NaCl 0,1M solution. The influence of cleaning pre-treatment after anodized on the interaction between organic acid and porous oxide film were evaluated using Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy and discussed too. The results of chemical analysis showed an effective seal of porous of anodized film, and the electrochemical results showed a promising protection behavior of treatment with dodecanoic acid, achieving a decrease of the current density of two orders of magnitude compared to control.

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