Development of methionine-enriched fusion protein constructs for Trichoderma reesei

Brain-Isasi, Stephanie; Lienqueo, Maria Elena

Keywords: Methionine enrichment, single cell protein, mycoprotein


Single Cell Protein (SCP) is an alternative and sustainable protein source derived from microbial biomass. It is flexible to nutritional requirements because of wide microbial biodiversity. In order to provide an efficient SCP production, microbial cells should be able to ferment low-cost carbon sources. Microbial cells must be safe and able to grow in a high rate under fermentation conditions. Trichoderma reesei RUT C30 is a cellulolytic terrestrial fungi with a high protein content (up to 40 % dry weight). Engineering of methionine-rich protein bodies in Trichoderma reesei was carried out using fusion protein genes: Genes encoding for methionine-rich storage proteins (MRP1-MPR5) in fusion with HFBI and Zera gene sequences and a poly histidine tag (Hisx6). The genes encoding fusion proteins HFBI(MRP1-MRP5)6xHis and Zera(MRP1-MRP5)6xHis were cloned into pTrEno expression vector. Use of engineered strains of T. reesei along with process optimization for biomass production using macroalgal waste derived from carrageenan manufacture and Ulva green tides, resulted in a fungal biomass with ≥35% DW protein content, and ≥2.5 g methionine/100 g protein contents.

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Fecha de publicación: 2019
Año de Inicio/Término: 29-31 July 2019
Idioma: English