Endogenous and Foreign Nucleoid-Associated Proteins of Bacteria: occurrence, interactions and effects on Mobile Genetic Elements and host´s biology

Flores-Ríos, Rodrigo; Quatrini, R; Loyola, A.

Keywords: nap, bacterial nucleoid, MGE, HGT, Xenogeneic silencing, Regulatory hierarchies


Mobile Genetic Elements (MGEs) are mosaics of functional gene modules of diverse evolutionary origin and are generally divergent from the hosts ́ genetic background. Existing biases in base composition and codon usage of these elements` genes impose transcription and translation limitations that may affect the physical and regulatory integration of MGEs in new hosts. Stable appropriation of the foreign DNA depends on a number of host factors among which are the Nucleoid-Associated Proteins (NAPs). These small, basic, highly abundant proteins bind and bend DNA, altering its topology and folding, thereby affecting all known essential DNA metabolism related processes. Both chromosomally- (endogenous) and MGE- (foreign) encoded NAPs have been shown to exist in bacteria. While the role of host-encoded NAPs in xenogeneic silencing of both episomal (plasmids) and integrative MGEs (pathogenicity islands and prophages) is well acknowledged, less is known about the role of MGE-encoded NAPs in the foreign elements biology or their influence on the host's chromosome expression dynamics. Here we review existing literature on the topic, present examples on the positive and negative effects that endogenous and foreign NAPs exert on global transcriptional gene expression, MGE integrative and excisive recombination dynamics, persistence and transfer to suitable hosts and discuss the nature and relevance of synergistic and antagonizing higher order interactions between diverse types of NAPs.

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