nectarino Andes nec-2

Infante Espiñeira, Rodrigo

Keywords: nectarina, nectarino, variedad vegetal


A new and distinct variety of clingstone nectarine tree denominated ‘Andes Nec-2’ which is characterized by the fruit of which maturing a week after the ‘August Red’ nectarine that matures at the end of the harvest season. The variety has a slow pulp softening rate commencing during the last two weeks before the commercial harvest, therefore, delaying the harvest. This produces fruit with increased size and soluble solids content. The variety has a high postharvest life potential, and will maintain its initial sensory quality at low temperatures over a period of time. Its fruit is striped/solid red blush over a light yellow background color, with a round, symmetrical fruit shape.

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Fecha de publicación: 2018