P. Barahona; A. Galdamez; P. Valencia-Gálvez; S. Moris

Keywords: Spinels, Inorganic materials, Thio- and selenospinels, Raman spectra


CuIrSnS4, CuIrSnSe4 and CuIrSnS2Se2 were synthetized by a solid-state reaction at 700 °C. Powder X-ray diffraction patterns were consistent with normal spinel-type structure. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM-EDS) images showed a uniform distribution of CuIr-Sn-S and Se atoms in the samples. Raman scattering analysis revealed A1g, Eg, and three F2g vibrational modes in spectra (cubic Fd3m space-group). Signal at ~320 cm-1 corresponded to the A1g mode, while the band at  230 cm-1 was assigned to the F2g(2) mode due to the asymmetric stretching of the Cu-X bond. Raman spectra were compared with those of the previously published thio- and selenospinels

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Volumen: 17
Fecha de publicación: 2020
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