La fiesta, momento vital de la praxis intercultural en los jesuitas Ignacio Ellacuría y Francisco Taborda

Zuchel, Lorena; Achondo, Pedro Pablo

Keywords: Ellacuría, Taborda, Praxis histórica, Filosofía intercultural, Fiesta, Religiosidad.


The present article shows the contributions of two intellectual Jesuits: Ignacio Ellacuría and Francisco Taborda, who propose the feast or fraternal celebration as an example for a religious interculturality. The text goes from a philosophical proposal, which shows social coexistence as a fundamental, inevitable moment of the living being, to the praxis that makes a mere relationship an experience of recognition and liberation. The study shows the nexus between philosophy and theology, which in many occasions are one single thing in the conceptualization of Latin American traditions. But also, one and indistinguishable discipline, in the case of many Jesuits committed to OurAmerican causes. In particular, we highlight his ideas about the party, a main category in the construction of identity, justice and hope; that, at the same time, are vital moments of reflection and intercultural practice.

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Fecha de publicación: 2020
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Idioma: Español
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