Biolaw and Bioethics: Convergences and Divergences

Lecaros, Juan Alberto; Valdés, Erick; Lecaros, Juan Alberto


This chapter addresses the convergences and divergences between bioethics and biolaw. Bioethics and biolaw are normative discourses that give reasons for action, whose particularity consists in necessarily interacting with other disciplines and social practices at the time of their elaboration and application, and especially with life sciences and related technologies. Both terms are constructed with the prefix bio, which points to the common field of application of each of these normative disciplines. With the prefix bio, life sciences are included in these terms, as well as biomedical and clinical research, their technological applications, and the practice of medicine through these new technologies. Throughout this chapter, the author will show that the relationship between bioethics and biolaw is still an area to explore, due to the complexities of their scope of application, which invites us to rethink the traditional discussion about the relationship between ethics and law.

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Fecha de publicación: 2019
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