Towards a fully predictive multi-scale pressure drop model for a wall-flow filter

Mesquida, Ileana M. Vega; Cornejo, Ivan; Nikrityuk, Petr; Greiner, Robert; Votsmeier, Martin; Hayes, Robert E.


This paper presents a detailed study of the fluid dynamics inside a wall-flow filter and proposes a new pressure drop model. A 3D channel scale computational model of a filter validated with experiments is used. A detailed description of the pressure drop for flow entering, passing through and leaving the filter is provided. The computational grid is extensively analyzed, and it is found that wall-flow is very insensitive to the grid quality, opposite to the local pressure, which is very sensitive. Several flow rates and wall permeability are analyzed. The most critical assumptions commonly found in current models are discussed based on the results. It is found that the friction factor of the channels is non-constant, it is different for the inlet and the outlet channels, and both differ from that for pipes with nonporous walls. A new criterion to determine the flow inside the filter as fully developed is also presented. The wall-flow along the perimeter of a cross-section is observed to be variable, consistently for many flow rates and wall permeability. The results are also used to develop a comprehensive, physically based, pressure drop model that shows very good agreement with experimental data. It is found that the propagation error when using the model to back calculate physical parameters is strongly sensitive to the experimental conditions; hence, guidelines to minimize it in further experiments are provided. (c) 2020 Institution of Chemical Engineers. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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Fecha de publicación: 2020
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