A large, deep 3 deg2 survey of H alpha, [O III], and [O II] emitters from LAGER: constraining luminosity functions

Khostovan, A. A.; Malhotra, S.; Rhoads, J. E.; Jiang, C.; Wang, J.; Wold, I.; Zheng, Z. -Y.; Barrientos, L. F.; Coughlin, A.; Harish, S.; Hu, W.; Infante, L.; Perez, L. A.; Pharo, J.; Valdes, F.; et. al.


We present our measurements of the Ha, [01111, and [OW luminosity functions as part of the Lyman Alpha Galaxies at Epoch of Reionization (LAGER) survey using our samples of 1577 z = 0.47 H a-, 3933 z = 0.93 [0 and 5367 z = 1,59 [0 u1 -selected emission line galaxies in a 3 deg2 single, CHO/Blanco DECam pointing of the COSMOS field, Our observations reach 50- depths of 8.2 x 10-18 erg s -I cm -2 and comoving volumes of (1-7) x 105 Mpc3 making our survey one of the deepest narrow -hand surveys. We select our emission line galaxies via spectroscopic confirmation, photometric redshifts, and colour-colour selections. We measure 316_'_;.`99the observed luminosity functions for each sample and find best fits of (p* = 10-- Mpc-3 and L* = 1041.72"a erg s -I for Ha, (/)* = 1 0-2.161i M c'1 and L* = 1041.38Z6 erg s-1 for [0111], and (/5* = 10 1.971,.i1041.66 'Mpc-3 and L* = erg s -I for [Oil], with a fixed to - 1.75, -1.6, and -1,3, respectively. An excess of bright >1042 erg s -I [0111] emitters is observed and may be due to active galactic nucleus (AGN) contamination, Corrections for dust attenuation are applied assuming Afp, = 1 mag. We also design our own empirical rest frame g - r calibration using SDSS DR12 data, test it against our z = 0,47 H a emitters with zCOSMOS 1D spectra, and calibrate it for (g - r) between -0.8 and 1.3 mag. Dust and AGNcorrected star formation rate densities (SERDs) are measured as logiopsFRAM(.; yr I Mpc-3) = - 1,63 + 0,04, -1.07 + 0,06, and -0.90 + 0.10 for H a, [0 in and [Ou], respectively. We find our [0 uf] and [0 RI samples fully trace cosmic star formation activity at their respective redshifts in comparison to multiwavelength SERDs, while the Ha sample traces =70 per cent of the total z = 0,47 SURD,

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Título según WOS: A large, deep 3 deg2 survey of H alpha, [O III], and [O II] emitters from LAGER: constraining luminosity functions
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